Super Foods Matcha Green Tea Powder - 50 g

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Weight Loss | Energy | Well-being

Nature’s Way Matcha Green Tea takes the health benefits of green tea to the next level, supporting energy and weight management in conjunction with diet and exercise. This powerful superfood takes advantage of the tea’s full potential by using the entire leaf.

Matcha is known to contain antioxidants, catechins & manganese which helps to counteract the effect of free radicals damage to our cells. Taking Nature’s Way Matcha Green Tea daily can help support the body’s health and well-being and maintenance of good health.


Weight Management Support: Nature’s Way Matcha Green Tea contains natural caffeine which is thought to have thermogenic properties help support weight management in conjunction with diet and exercise.

Feel More Energetic: The L-theanine and natural caffeine in matcha green tea helps give you a mental lift so you feel more energetic. Antioxidant Powerhouse!


100% Matcha Green Tea Leaf Powder. Contains caffeine.


Simply add to your baking and cooking. Perfect for homemade muffins, cakes pudding, ice-cream or brownies. You can also sprinkle 1 teaspoon (5g) in your smoothie, tea, latte or yoghurt for a hit of antioxidants.